Gulou District, Nanjing, China

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The Gulou District is a small neighborhood in the heart of Nanjing, China and is currently my home! In case you’ve never heard of Nanjing, it used to be the largest city in the world for hundreds of years and was actually the capital of China during the Ming Dynasty. It’s considered a small city compared to Beijing or Shanghai, but the population is about equal to New York City. Although I don’t speak Chinese, I really do love living here, especially in Gulou. Our apartment is really modern, the people are friendly, and I’m in the very center of a historic city filled with places to explore.

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2 thoughts on “Gulou District, Nanjing, China”

  • Hi Lauren.

    I’ve found your blog quite helpful; and it was a pleasure to read! I have just arrived in Nanjing, and have to find a place within the next 5 days. I thought Gulou district looked appealing – the location; the demographic. I am hoping you can clarify a couple of details for me?
    Looking at a map, I can see it is close, as the crow flies, to central; but how long does the journey take? Is it walking distance (say, Zhongshan rd’s intersection, for convenience)?
    Another important factor for me – and I don’t want to come across as janus-faced – but I don’t want to be in an expatian heavy zone. While I work here i’d like to assimilate; try to learn Mandarin, and really get in amongst it!
    I also noticed it is one of two university campus districts, so I am hoping there is a campus ground, or is it scattered? My orientation towards this is two fold: I may, in the future, want to supplement my to attempt to learn with a course; and also, simply, because of the egalitarian and open nature of a campus learning environment. Plus things tend to be a little cheaper on a campus! Which leads me to my last question…
    Is Gulou a relatively cheap district to live in?

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward, to your reply.


    • Gulou is walking distance to Zhongshan Rd, but it’s quite a long walk to get to Xinjiekou. If you get a bicycle, it’s a lot faster. Gulou is absolutely a Chinese suburb! Overall, it’s hard to find a place in Nanjing that’s expat heavy unless you’re going for a really fancy apartment. Nanjing University is a great campus, and you can almost certainly take a class or 2 there! The International Student Building is a great place to start to see how that would work. Gulou is VERY cheap compared to what I’m used to in America, but it’s one of the pricier areas of Nanjing. We paid about $500 USD/month for a 5 month lease. It would have been cheaper if we had stayed longer. From what I hear, you can get better, bigger places if you go a little outside the city center. From what it sounds like, you should check out options in Gulou! Sounds like a great place for what you want. Best of luck!!


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