Anxiety and I go way back. We’re actually travel buddies! Check out this sweet infographic to see what I mean:

Now I make videos

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I Also Lead A Community

About a year ago I dubbed the community growing in my YouTube comments “The Fearless Fam”. Now we hang out on The Fearless Fam Facebook group, and you’re invited!

So what is this website?

Most of my blog content was written while I lived in China, so you’ll find a LOT of advice here about living in and traveling around China. FYI, you can find travel vlogs and more China tips on my YouTube channel. You’ll also find a lot of advice on traveling with anxiety, because that’s what I’m passionate about! Eventually, I want this to be the ultimate resource hub for anxious travelers! At the moment, it’s more like the ultimate resource hub for American women moving to China. If you ARE headed to China soon, send me an email (laurenwithoutfear[at]gmail.com) to let me know what city you’ll be in! I’d love to hear about your adventures and give you some personalized tips.

Welcome to the Fearless Fam 🙂